Scholarships at Hyde Park School of Dance

As a non-profit on a mission to make the benefits of dance training accessible to all, Hyde Park School of Dance awards thousands of dollars in scholarships a year to students who would otherwise be unable to participate in its programs. If you are interested in learning more about our scholarship program, please read the following information carefully.



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Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, HPSD will not be conducting scholarship auditions this spring. Families interested in applying for scholarship support for the 2020-21 year must complete the application. An interview is required for families who have not previously received scholarship funding.  

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Who is this for?
The HPSD Scholarship Program is a needs-based program, in which talent and commitment contribute to the determination of award levels. Scholarships are available to both prospective and current students of the school aged 7 to 18. 

What does it cover?
Scholarship awards typically provide partial support for class tuition and participation fees for performance workshops, including The Nutcracker and the biennial spring story ballet workshop. 

When can I get my dancer on scholarship?
Scholarship auditions and parent interviews take place in spring (typically in May). A number of time slots are made available for parent interviews. Dancers audition as a group. (Each year's scholarship audition date is listed at and on the scholarship application.) Any scholarships awarded after the auditions will apply to tuition for the upcoming season, beginning with the fall session.  View the dates and links to sign-up above.

What is the process to apply? 

  1. All parents/guardians must download and complete the scholarship application.  Scholarship applications for the upcoming academic year must be submitted to HPSD's office by the application deadline.
  2. Parents/guardians of new applicants must sign up for an interview and attend this meeting at the scheduled time. Parents/guardians of returning applicants may sign up for an interview if they wish to meet with the Scholarship Committee in-person. The parent/guardian interview is a private meeting between a dancer's parent(s)/guardian(s) and one or more members of Hyde Park School of Dance's Scholarship Committee. The goal of these interviews is to assess a family's financial need, learn more about their family and dancer(s), and tell applicants more about our Scholarship Program's requirements. 
  3. Dancers attend the scholarship audition corresponding to their particular level on the scheduled date (see above for this year's scholarship date and schedule). Anyone brand new to dance should attend the lower-level audition. Dancers transferring from other schools who are unsure of which level will be most appropriate are welcome to call or email the administration for a suggestion based on prior experience. Parents and guardians are encouraged to observe this audition.
  4. Parents and guardians will receive notification as to whether a scholarship has been granted after the review process. Typically, this process is completed by mid-July of each year. It is always completed prior to the beginning of the upcoming Fall Session.   
  5. If your dancer(s) is/are awarded a scholarship, parents/guardians must take several steps to secure this award. To ensure your dancers can benefit from the awards they have been granted, you must complete their registration and return signed scholarship agreement and payment plan documents to the office prior to the beginning of the upcoming Fall Session. 

What are the expectations of scholarship recipients?
Recipients of scholarships at Hyde Park School of Dance are expected to: 

  1. Demonstrate dedication to the study of dance. 
  2. Have excellent attendance, with no unexcused absences, with any excused absences made up during the same 16-week session. For more on absences and make-ups, please see
  3. Participate in workshops and performance opportunities appropriate to their level whenever possible.
  4. Comply with policies of the school as described in the Hyde Park School of Dance Student Handbook.
  5. Fulfill all tuition payment obligations.
  6. Assist HPSD with performance marketing, advertising events through social media, word of mouth, or other means, with a goal of generating a minimum of 10 ticket sales each of our annual performances.
  7. Volunteer 16 hours per 16-week session. Volunteer opportunities at the school are always available. For more information, visit
  8. Maintain a written record of attendance and volunteer hours in a Special Programs Folder provided by HPSD. These folders are reviewed between the Fall and Winter/Spring sessions to determine whether scholarship recipients remain in good standing and can maintain their scholarship level for the duration of the year. 
  9. Demonstrate positive behavior in the classroom, performance and volunteer settings. Parents / guardians of scholarship recipients are encouraged to volunteer to provide assistance to the school, and are held to the same standards of decorum as their dancers.

Is there anything else we should know about the audition? 

  • Dancers must arrive to their audition on time. Late arrivals will not be considered. Please plan accordingly.
  • Please be prepared to dance - that means in your proper dance attire with hair ready to dance - by the start time of the audition.
  • The audition will run like a class, to be taught by members of HPSD's artistic team. 
  • If you have any questions about the audition, please contact administrative staff during open office hours at (773) 493-8498.

Hyde Park School of Dance does not discriminate on the basis of race, sex, gender identity, national or ethnic origin, or sexual orientation in the administration of its scholarship program, or any other school-administered program.