ADULT CLASSES at Hyde Park School of Dance: How does it work?

To ensure the safety of all of our students and teachers and because of our 8 student limit for studio classes this Fall, adult classes will work a little differently this year.

For Fall Session 1, adult students may attend Tuesday virtual Pilates or Wednesday Teen/Adult Ballet: Technique and Toning in Studio 2 on a drop-in basis by either paying for each class individually or with a pre-paid class card. Adult students may also drop-in to African for Everyone on Fridays in Studio 2, a free community class.

To attend any class in the studio, YOU MUST REGISTER OR RESERVE A SPOT TO ATTEND AT LEAST 4 HOURS IN ADVANCE OF THE START OF CLASS. Adult students must have an online profile set up with us in order to register or reserve a spot. See below for more information about how to set up a profile, reserve a spot in class, and payment options. If you would like to attend Friday virtual Floor Barre, you must register for the full 8-wk series or reserve a drop-in spot with an admin via email.

These classes are mixed-level, and are appropriate for intermediate dancers, adults who danced as children but have taken years off, and brand new novices alike!

When can I start?

Any time!  There’s no need to wait until the next enrollment period - adults who are just beginning with us may attend their first class at any point during the session. Classes specifically designed for adults attending on a drop-in basis are always listed on our current class schedule. Find a class you’re interested in and come as soon as you’re able!


How do I reserve a spot in class?

Set up a profile with Classbug, our online registration portal (if the system says there is already an account using your information and you don't remember your password, please reach out to to reset the account for your continued use). Once you have a profile set up, you may purchase specific classes individually or purchase a class card to use for classes that allow adult students.

Your spot in a class is reserved when you purchase it online. You may also reserve a spot in a studio class by calling our office or emailing at least 4 hours in advance of the class and bringing CASH OR CHECK payment to the studio when attending. Students who wish to take Friday virtual Floor Barre on a drop-in basis must also contact the office at least 4 hours in advance of the class and pay online. 

When reserving a spot in a studio class, please be as certain as possible about your attendance that day since spots are limited (no more than 8 students per class).

How do I pay?

Pay As You Go

You can pay online for each individual class you attend either upon personal registration or in conversation with an admin (applies to all adult drop-ins). If you are attending a studio class like Teen/Adult Ballet and have already reserved your spot with an admin, you may bring a cash or check payment to the studio when you come for class.

Class Cards

If you are attending classes on a regular basis, you may prefer to pay using one of our Eight Class Cards. Each card is non-refundable and never expires.

Our classic 8-class card is going virtual! (with paper options available upon request). When you purchase an online class card, you can subsequently sign up for Pilates and Teen/Adult Ballet classes at your leisure (just put the individual class in your cart and an option will pop up asking if you would like to use a credit from your class card)!

If you have a pre-existing paper card you would like to make virtual, a virtual card you would like to have a paper version of, or if you qualify to purchase a class card at one of our reduced rates, please contact If you have a paper card, you still MUST reserve a spot in the drop-in you plan to attend, please do not show up to a studio without reserving a spot first.

What does it cost?