Classes for Dancers Aged 7 to 18


When Hyde Park School of Dance was founded in 1993, it was called Hyde Park School of Ballet.
Ballet training was our primary focus for many years, and ballet programming remains at the heart of our program today.

Here at HPSD, dancers under the age of seven are required to take classes in introductory ballet, as the foundation it builds is one upon which our students can layer the skills necessary to hone their artistry in any type of dance discipline he or she chooses. 

Our ballet classes for dancers aged 7 through 18 guide dancers slowly and purposefully through the techniques that build a physical vocabulary for the choreography they aspire to create and perform.

Our technique emphasizes correct placement and careful movement to minimize the risk of injury, and a powerful command of the basics from which elaborate works are built. 

Interested in ballet? 
To determine which ballet class might be the right fit for you, read our class descriptions!



Beginning in the late 19th century, a decline in adherence to the strictures of the Victorian era and an increased interest in physical education paved the way for the emergence of a new type of theatrical dance. In this social climate, there was a ready audience for the dancers who sought to push the boundaries of classical ballet, and the pioneers of this era initiated a shift in the dance world that would give rise to what we now call modern dance.  

Our modern dance classes are accompanied by a percussionist, and feature high-energy movement with a pulsing beat.

Interested in modern dance?
Read our class descriptions to determine the Modern class for you!


Jazz dance originated in the US in the late 1800s and early 1900s, evolving alongside and in response to ragtime, and, naturally, jazz music. This early jazz dance could be seen in dance halls and on the vaudeville stage in young America's growing urban hubs. By the time the swing movement was taking off in the twenties, jazz dance was an integral part of the American dance landscape. American musical theatre was also in an important phase of its evolution at this time, and the dance in new American productions tended to be of the style we now call jazz dance. 

Visit our Jazz Dance page to read more about jazz dance, view descriptions of our Jazz classes and meet our Jazz instructor!

Hip Hop

Hip hop dance was born on the streets in the nineteen-sixties and -seventies, and as its name suggests, it is most often performed to hip hop music.

"Hip hop" as it refers to dance is an umbrella term, encompassing a wide range of more specific styles, including breaking and popping - both of which we offer here at HPSD.

To meet our hip hop instructor and to read more about the history of the hip hop dance styles taught at HPSD and the differences between them,  check out our hip hop page!

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