Your donations go far at HPSD!

Your tax-deductible donation to Hyde Park School of Dance supports day to day operations in addition to the scholarship and outreach programs that make a first-class dance education - and all of the social, health, and academic benefits that come with it - available to hundreds of kids who would otherwise be unable to afford one.

You can make a secure donation today through PayPal to help make this mission possible!

Did you know that a full 20% of the annual budget to run Hyde Park School of Dance comes from individual donations? These generous gifts, which range in amount from $1 to $20,000, are made by supporters from all facets of the HPSD network, including the families of currently enrolled dancers,  alumni dancers and their families, and the community members who value what we do at HPSD and want to help ensure our continuation as a vital resource for families across Chicago's south side. 

Donations are essential to our operations as a not-for-profit 501(c)3 organization. They help us maintain the low tuition price points our students' families appreciate without sacrificing our uncompromising commitment to the highest-quality service and instruction that they have come to expect from HPSD.

Individual gifts also provide critical funds that support nearly 12% of our student body via our scholarship program, giving talented and highly motivated kids who otherwise might not be able to afford to dance the opportunity to pursue their passion.

You can help today by making a donation in any amount to Hyde Park School of Dance.  For specific underwriting opportunities, please contact our Executive Director at or (773) 493-8498.

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