Spring Concert Cast Information

Every spring, Hyde Park School of Dance invites family and friends to come see what their favorite dancers have been up to in the studio in a presentation of pieces performed by each class from Creative Movement on up to our very highest levels. This is the Spring Concert, and if you have a dancer enrolled in classes for the current session, he or she is encouraged to participate.

Dancers learn their choreography for the Spring Concert in their regularly scheduled classes. There are no outside rehearsals (except for one dress rehearsal for dancers in Creative Movement and Pre-Ballet), no costume rental fees, and no participation fees associated with this performance opportunity. If you would like to have your dancer take part in the Spring Concert this year, all you need to do is follow these easy steps!

Sunday, May 6, 2018
Museum of Science and Industry
  Act 1 - 10:00 am - 11:30 am
  Act 2 - 1:00 pm - 2:30 pm
  Act 3 - 4:00 pm - 5:30 pm 

Strike assignments for dancers in Ballet IVA and up who are performing in Act 3 will be made available as our Spring Concert date approaches. Check your dancer's strike assignment here.

Step 1: RSVP

Costumes, choreography, volunteer recruitment and other important Spring Concert preparations depend on an early and accurate roster of dancers who intend to participate in the Spring Concert each year. To sign up or send regrets, please use this simple sign-up form. If you have questions before signing up, or need to change your RSVP, please call the office, or email admin@hydeparkdance.org

Step 2: Read the Info Packet

Please read the Spring Concert Info Packet in full!

Between four- and five-hundred dancers attend HPSD, and a significant majority of these students participate in the Spring Concert each year. With so many people working together to present this beloved annual tradition, it is crucial that we are all on the same page. The info packet contains essential information on where to be and when, what to wear, hair and make-up, what's expected of each dancer, and more. This information is not covered in rehearsals or anywhere else, so please take the time to read the packet once your dancers decide whether they will be participating.

We hand paper copies of the Spring Concert Info Packet out to the parents and guardians in attendance during Family Visiting Week each spring, but if you weren't able to attend Family Visiting Week, or have misplaced your packet, we have a digital copy right here for you. 

If there is anything in the Spring Concert Info Packet that you do not understand, please let us know; we are happy to help!

Step 3: Don't Forget Dress Rehearsal

Creative Movement & Pre-Ballet Dancers
In the Info Packet, you read that dancers in Creative Movement, Boys Dance, and Pre-Ballet attend a special dress rehearsal the day before the Spring Concert. It is really important that our littlest dancers attend this dress rehearsal so that they know what is expected of them the next day and are set up for success on the big stage! It is also important for parents to know that this dress rehearsal will be the only opportunity you have to snap a photo of your dancer in costume with your personal camera.

Dancers in Ballet/Modern/Jazz/Hip Hop Levels 1 & Up
Older dancers will also have dress rehearsals. These will take place in class in the weeks leading up to the Spring Concert. During this time, dancers will be measured and then begin to wear their costumes while performing, and our costuming staff will make critical adjustments to ensure everything fits properly. It is always important to take the commitment of a dance class seriously, but during the two weeks leading up to the Spring Concert, attendance should be an especially high priority. If your dancer does need to miss class during the two weeks of in-class dress rehearsal, please be sure to email admin@hydeparkdance.org as soon as possible with your dancer's full name and the names and times of any classes from which he or she will be absent. These notifications will be passed along to our costuming department, who will let you know if any special accommodations must be made to ensure your dancer has a costume that fits for the concert. 

As with the younger dancers, parents are allowed to take photos of dancers in level 1 and up with your personal camera during the last few minutes of dress rehearsals.

Step 4: Reserve Your Tickets

Tickets for the Spring Concert are available for sale exclusively at the school. Stop by during open office hours - 1-6pm weekdays, or 8am-1pm on Saturdays - to pick yours up before the performance. 

Complementary tickets are available for children aged 4 or under, HPSD dancers watching siblings perform in acts they themselves are not scheduled to perform in, and volunteers. There is also special pricing for students and seniors. 

As you read in the Spring Concert Packet, each of the three "acts" taking the stage on the day of the concert will run like its own separate performance. Because of the large number of dances that will be presented that day, we have made tickets to each act available separately, so that if you have just one student at the school who is participating only in Act 1, you can see your dancer perform in a full and complete concert without being obligated to stay to watch Acts 2 and 3. If you have three dancers, however, who are performing in Act 1, Act 2, and Act 3, and you would like to watch all of them, you will still need separate tickets to each of the three acts (so that we can ensure adequate seating in the house of the auditorium), but your tickets for Acts 2 and 3 will be complimentary. Because of this complex schema, our administrative staff is happy to help you with your ticket order form in the office. 

If you understand our Spring Concert ticketing system without additional assistance, you are welcome to complete the ticket order form in the Spring Concert Info Packet and to bring it into the office completed to pick up your tickets! Again, the office is open 1-6 pm weekdays, or 8 am-1 pm on Saturdays. See you there!

Step 5: Please support the show - Sign-up to volunteer, or make a tax-deductible contribution!

If you have volunteer hours to complete as one of our Special Programs families, or if you're just interested in getting involved and lending a hand, Spring Concert is a wonderful time to do so! 

A small number of parent chaperones will be needed to help supervise dancers backstage. Greeters, ticketing staff, ushers, and concessions sales personnel will be needed for all three acts. Costuming volunteers are always helpful in the lead-up to the show. Our all-volunteer moving crew will need help with load-in before the concert and load-out afterward.

To volunteer for any of these positions, you may fill out your volunteer form (in the Spring Concert Info Packet) and turn it in to the office, visit hydeparkdance.org/volunteer to sign up online, or contact HPSD Volunteer Coordinator Cheryl Booher at cheryl@hydeparkdance.org!  

Thanks in advance for lending a hand!