Hyde Park School of Dance Special Programs

Congratulations!  Being selected to participate in the Special Programs at Hyde Park School of Dance is an honor. HPSD’s Special Programs encompasses our Company, Scholarship, and Teacher Trainee programs. Your status as a Special Programs student means that you have exhibited commendable commitment to your dance education and a desire to be pushed in a professional direction. Whether in performance, teaching, management, choreography, or costuming, your future in dance is up to you, and your specialized involvement at Hyde Park School of Dance through our Special Programs comes with additional responsibilities that are designed to set you up for success.

HPSD Special Programs Expectations: 

  • Commit to 16 hours of volunteer time per semester. There are several ways to do this: students may sign up to be a teacher assistant for the semester, help backstage during a performance, assist with studio maintenance, or participate in other opportunities as they arise throughout the year. Parents may also volunteer for performances and events. Please see the volunteer section below for more details.

  • Have perfect attendance. HPSD Special Programs participants are expected to have perfect attendance.  All absences must be approved and made up during the same session in a virtual class of the same level or below that is not at capacity.  Make-up classes should be scheduled in advance by contacting HPSD’s office in-person, via email at admin@hydeparkdance.org or via phone at 773-493-8498.  The administrative team will track make-up classes and report them to the Artistic Team.  You should also fill out the ‘Make-up Class Form’ to the right. 

  • Track make-up classes and volunteer hours on this portal.  Submit your make-up classes and volunteer hours using the forms to the right on this portal. Hours will be reviewed as noted in the “HPSD Special Programs Review” section below. 

  • Submit all forms for the Fall term by January 16, 2021.


More Information for Special Programs Dancers