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absence and make-up policy
HPSD offers students up to three make-ups per class each session for absences that were excused in advance. For more about having impending absences excused and scheduling make-ups, please visit

If you have any questions about our ballet program, make your first stop!

ballet terminology
Whether you are studying for your pointe readiness examination or simply want to brush up on your dance-related French, ABT's online ballet terminology dictionary has you covered!

calendar of events
The HPSD All-School Calendar lists all the important dates you'll need to keep track of, from holiday breaks to registration periods to auditions and performances. It's always available to you at!

current class schedule
The current class schedule is most often used during registration periods, but it is important to know that we leave it up all session long so that you can use it to schedule make-ups for excused absences. Classes that are at capacity are marked "CLOSED". 

contact us
If you have general questions, contact the office by giving us a call or emailing Our 'Contact' page notes our office hours, phone & fax numbers, and address.  If you need to contact the Artistic Team about matters related to performance workshops or the youth company, they can be reached at

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Dancer Dress-Up Week
Dancer Dress-Up Week is a special week of classes that takes place in both our Fall and Winter/Spring sessions. During Dancer Dress-Up Week, students are invited to wear any sort of costume, crazy get-up, or dancewear not normally allowed under by the dress code into the studios. In class, you'll work with your instructor to create original choreography inspired by your ensemble! To find out when the next Dancer Dress-Up Week will be, please visit!

determining level placement
Whether you are dancing as recreation or are interested in a career in dance, it is essential that you attend classes at your particular level. Proper level placement ensures confident and careful training without the risk of frustration and injury. If you need help determining your level, please visit this page!

dress code
New levels or new dance types may mean a new uniform! Please be certain you are attending class in the required uniform by referencing the official HPSD Dress Code! 

Be sure you know what's expected of you when you are in training at Hyde Park School of Dance!


For locations of our studios, please visit our Contact page. Please be aware that HPSD cannot provide supervision for dancers outside of our studios. We strongly encourage parents to bring dancers directly to the studios prior to class and pick them up fro the studios after class. 

Family Visiting Week
During Family Visiting Week, a special week of open studios that takes place once during our Fall session and once during our Winter/Spring session, parents, grandparents, other family members, and friends are invited into the studios during class time to watch their favorite dancers in action. These observation weeks are a great time to learn more about our program! To find out when the next Family Visiting Week is scheduled, please visit

financial aid
HPSD makes lots of scholarships available to our students! Find out more about financial aid at!


going en pointe
Are you ready to begin dancing en pointe? Find out!