HPSD Virtual Classes 2020 – Get the most out of your classes!

We are so pleased to be able to offer virtual classes to our students this year! Virtual classes are a great option for families that aren't quite ready to return to the studios but want to keep dancing. Taking extended time off and then jumping back into studio work can lead to injury, so virtual classes are also a great way for dancers to continuing working on their technique while staying safe at home. Some of our classes are all virtual and some are hybrid, where virtual students can take class with their studio classmates through a Zoom live feed!

Below are details for how to locate your virtual Zoom links, enter a Zoom class, virtual class student expectations, our virtual make-up policy, safety disclaimer, and information on how to create a home studio if you are so inclined.

Finding the Zoom Links for Your Class

  • Our Zoom classes are now directly connected to our online registration portal, Classbug. Every family and individual who registers for classes with us has a Classbug account. If you need to reset or set up a password for your family's Classbug account, please contact admin@hydeparkdance.org.

  • You can login to Classbug directly at Classbug.com or through our website by going to Register >> Register Online Now!

  • In the right top corner you might see "Guest" or your name, click on that and login or click on "My Profile."

  • On your family profile, you will see a column on the right called "Future Classes Attending." All of the Zoom links for your dancers' classes are available there. 

  • The Zoom links for all of your classes can also be found on the emailed receipt your family received after registering. Registering parents, check your inbox for emails from registration@hydeparkdance.org or check your spam folder.

  • Keep in mind, since they are single purchase items, the links for a drop-in class change every week. The links for a series class (where you paid for every class occurrence in a session as one item) have the same Zoom link to connect every week.

Entering Your Virtual Class