Trial Classes

Trial classes are an excellent way to gauge a child's interest in dance if he or she has never taken classes before. If your child is already involved in dance and is interested in transferring to HPSD from another studio, trial classes offer an easy way to determine the appropriate level for your dancer within our program. Trial classes are also useful for dancers looking to try out a new type of dance for the first time. Whatever your reason, trial classes are available during every registration period as an alternative to enrolling immediately in the full session. 

How does it work?

Step 1
Determine the class you are interested in. 
To do this, please review the upcoming session's class schedule on our registration page

Step 2
Complete a registration form or set up an online profile with us.
Completed physical registration forms or household/student profiles via our online system are required for all dancers, including both those enrolling for the full session and those signing up for trial classes. Physical registration forms and our online portal can be accessed through Online profiles can be set up by clicking the "Register Online Now" button. 

Step 3
Submit registration paperwork and the $15 trial class payment to the office OR complete set up of an online profile and contact the office via to schedule your dancer's trial class. 
Once we have a completed registration form/online profile and trial class payment on file, we will hold a spot in the class for which you have scheduled a trial.

Step 4
Decide whether you wish to enroll.
After your dancer's trial, we will hold his or her spot in that class for three days to give you and your dancer time to determine whether the class is going to be an appropriate fit. If you decide to enroll your dancer, simply give us a call in the office to let us know or register for the class through our online portal. The price of the class will be prorated to the week your dancer fully enrolls for the session.


Additional Information

When can my dancer take a trial class? 
Trial classes are available only during registration periods. Registration periods occur for several weeks leading up to and five weeks after the beginning of each session. 

We offer two 16-week-long sessions during the academic year. The fall session begins in September and wraps up in January, at which point our winter/spring session begins. Our winter/spring session comes to a close in May. In June we offer our first 4-week-long summer session; we offer a second in July. During the month of August the school is closed, and classes resume in September with the beginning of a new fall session. During the registration periods for each of these sessions, trial classes will be available to interested dancers. 

Specific dates for registration periods vary each calendar year. When dates for upcoming registration periods are set, they will be added to the All-School Calendar available at

How many trial classes can my dancer take?
Your dancer may take one trial in as many different classes as you want.  

Still have questions?