NEW at HPSD! - Parkour Hip Hop Fusion

Derived from the phrase “parcours du combattant” which means obstacle course, Parkour is a structured activity that takes place outside. The participants, or “Traceurs," aim to get from point A to Point B in the safest and most efficient way for them while pushing and exploring their limits. Through conditioning and agility training, the class is designed to build students confidence, strength and knowledge of their own body and mind. With the addition of upbeat music, the class adds hip hop elements to create a fun and exciting environment. No dance training required. Ages 7 and up. 

This class will only run during Fall Session 1 but may be offered seasonally in the future. If weather does not permit class to occur at its regular time, the office will reach out to registered students to schedule a Sunday make-up class or transition the class to virtual learning for the day. Virtual learning for Parkour consists of old school hip hop and conditioning work that pertains to Parkour. Students should come to class in gym shoes or sneakers, layered clothing that reflects outdoor conditions but can handle some sweat and mobility, and a face mask.