Pardon our dust: Construction Update


The church as resumed construction work. Until after the New Year, there will be no public access into the office. Please call the office at 773.493.8498 or email if you need to visit the office.

Exciting news! First Unitarian - home to HPSD's Studio 1, Studio B, costume shop, and administrative office - is beginning a renovation project that will make our shared building more functional, comfortable, energy-efficient, and accessible than ever! 

Construction is slated to begin this week on a project that will be ongoing throughout the year. We’ll retain access to our office and studios throughout, but occasionally, construction may reroute our usual traffic patterns or limit access to other portions of the building. We’ll update you on each new phase of the project that will impact HPSD as details are shared with us. 

As we finish out our summer programming and head into the beginning of our fall session, there is one confirmed phase of the renovation plans that will impact us, adjusting one of our familiar routes and limiting bathroom access. 

All visitors heading to or leaving Studio 1 will be routed through the church sanctuary, and the women's multi-stall restroom in the western hallway will be closed.  

What does this mean for your family if you have a child taking class in Studio 1?  

  • You will still enter the building through the main entrance you've always used - the grey double doors opening into the main hallway of the church's Pennington Center. As always, for safety and security reasons, this doorway is the only entrance and exit Hyde Park School of Dance should be using. 
  • The single-user all-gender bathrooms in the main hallway will remain open. So will the multi-stall women's and men's bathrooms on the basement level, near Studio B.  
  • When you come for a class, instead of heading to Studio 1 by the route to which you are accustomed – through the main stairwell, down the hall where the first-floor women’s multi-stall restrooms are, and up the stairs into the Studio 1 lobby – you will now access the Studio 1 lobby from the other direction. When you step inside the main entrance, you’ll go directly into the church’s sanctuary through the door on your left, across from the church office on the first floor.  
  • The path through the sanctuary will be clearly marked with signage leading you across the church's space and out a back door. This will bring you directly to the same staircase you've always used to head up into Studio 1's lobby - just from the opposite direction than the one to which you're accustomed.  
  • Dancers taking class in Studio 1 should be sure they are entering the building in their street shoes, changing into their ballet shoes only once they reach the studio lobby. 
  • If you have a young dancer taking classes in Studio 1, we recommend you ensure that they have plenty of time to visit a bathroom prior to class, since fewer bathrooms will be available than we're used to having.  
  • We also recommend that if you have a young dancer taking class in Studio 1, you remain in the lobby outside the studio for the duration of class rather than dropping your child off and picking them up when class is through. We will have as many Teachers' Assistants as possible at the ready to escort dancers to the bathrooms via our new temporary route for mid-class bathroom trips, but it will be helpful to everyone if you're available to walk with your child should they need to use the bathroom during class.  

At this time, the church does not anticipate that there will be any impact on the flow of traffic to HPSD's administrative office or Studio B during our scheduled classes. And as Studio 2 and Studio 3 are located in different buildings, if your dancers are only taking classes in one or both of those locations, your regular visits to dance class will not be affected.  

Please remember that Hyde Park School of Dance is unable to provide supervision outside of our studios, and all of our buildings are mutli-use spaces shared with other organizations. We always encourage you to ensure your dancers are being escorted directly to the doors of their studio before class and picked up at the studio after class, regardless of age, but this recommendation is even stronger when there is increased traffic in one of our buildings by people unaffiliated with the dance school, as will be the case for the duration of the renovation project. Please plan accordingly. 
As always, Hyde Park School of Dance will have staff stationed just inside our main entrance during the first two weeks of fall session classes, so we'll be available to point out the changes to you and answer any questions you may have about navigating the space during the renovation.  

We’ll also maintain a log of all of the renovation updates we issue, where you can always go to get the most up-to-date information on what’s happening with the project and how it might impact your use of the space. You can access this renovation log 24/7, at 

If you have any questions or concerns before then, please don't hesitate to reach out to HPSD's Executive Director Ms. LaWanda May at  

Thank you for your patience, flexibility, and attention to this and forthcoming communications throughout the renovation process. We look forward to enjoying the newly renovated space with you in the future! 

-Your friends at Hyde Park School of Dance

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