Join us for Summer Placement Auditions: March 16

Current and new HPSD dancers aged 7 -18 are invited to get a taste of HPSD's summer programming and receive their workshop/intensive level placements at our upcoming Summer Program Placement Auditions on March 16, 2018! 

Most of our summer workshops are broken up into level-specific groups, so participants can benefit from targeted instruction that will help them get the most out of their time in the studio. Dancers interested in participating in our summer programming are strongly encouraged to attend the summer placement auditions on March 16.  All participating dancers will be considered for HPSD's inaugural Summer Study Award, a merit scholarship for summer programming at HPSD. 


Things to know: 

  • Please attend the audition time corresponding with your level. 
  • If you qualify for the upper-level audition in one dance style but your level for another dance style would put you in the lower-level audition, please attend the upper level audition. 
  • All auditions will take place in HPSD's Studio 1, at 5650 S. Woodlawn Avenue. 
  • Dancers must be checked in with HPSD staff and ready to dance by their scheduled audition start times. Late arrivals will not be considered for the Summer Study Award. 

Lower Level Audition: 
6:00 pm - 6:20 pm (check-in); 6:30 pm - 7:30 pm (audition) 

This audition is for dancers in these levels:
Ballet I-II 
Modern I-II 
Jazz I 
all levels of Hip Hop 
Boys' Dance I-II 
Dancers new to HPSD with 0-3 years of experience 

Upper Level Audition: 
7:15 pm - 7:35 pm (check-in); 7:45 pm - 9:00 pm (audition) 

This audition is for dancers in these levels:
Ballet III-VI 
Boys' Ballet III-IV 
Modern III-IV 
Jazz II-III 
Dancers new to HPSD with 4+ years of experience 

Unable to attend?  Audition by video! 
Dancers unable to attend the Summer Program Placement Audition on March 16who would still like to receive their placement levels and be considered for the Summer Study Award should submit a video audition via email by March 16.  Videos should include the following: 

For HPSD dancers in Ballet I & II; Modern I & II ; Jazz I-II; all levels hip hop; Boys Dance or new dancers aged 7+ with 0 - 3 years experience: 

  • demi plié in first and second positions 
  • tendu devant and a la second 
  • sauté in first position 
  • Optional:  1 minute of improvisation in any dance style 

For HPSD dancers in Ballet III-VI; Boys Ballet III-IV; Modern III and IV; Jazz II-III; or new dancers with 4+ years experience: 

  • Grand plié in first 
  • Tendu encrois 
  • A petite allegro that includes:  glissade, assemblé, sissonne, changement and petit jeté 
  • piqué turns 
  • Dance solo in any style no longer than 1.5 min. 

Video auditions should be in MP4 or MOV format and should be emailed to no later than March 16 along with the following information: 

Dancer first name: 
Dancer last name: 
Dancer email (if applicable): 
Dancer phone number (if applicable): 
Dancer birthdate: 
Parent/guardian(s) first name: 
Parent/guardian(s) last name: 
Parent/guardian(s) email: 
Parent/guardian(s) phone number: 
Dancer address: 
Please describe your previous dance training. 
Please describe your dance goals for the summer. 

Dancers auditioning in-person or via video will receive their placement results by May 1 via email. 

Questions? Email!

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