Classes are starting, and there's still time to join them!

We're ready for you, dancers!

Fall classes got underway on September 6th, but you have through October 10th to enroll for the fall session! 

Reserve your spot in the classes you want now while there's still space!

HPSD Faculty, 2018 

TOP, left to right: 
Jane Sawyer (First Steps, Creative Movement, Pre-Ballet, Modern), Rosetta Fair (Jazz), Jonathan St. Clair (Hip Hop), Kia Smith (Creative Movement, Pre-Ballet), Allyson Ratliff (Pre-Ballet, Ballet, Company), August Tye (Creative Movement, Pre-Ballet, Ballet, Boys' Dance, Company) 

MIDDLE, left to right: 
Teanna Zarro (Ballet, Company), Jackie Sanders (Modern) 

BOTTOM, left to right: 
Aimee Tye (Creative Movement, Pre-Ballet, Ballet, Company), Camille Brittnum (Pre-Ballet), Tracey Franklin (Modern), Gayle Ratliff (Ballet, Company) 

Gene Chua (Men's Ballet & Variations, Company), Emma Thomas (Ballet), Mark Vaughn (West African), Student Faculty & Teacher Trainees

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