Gayle Ratliff

Gayle Ratliff has trained with the Lenhoff School of Music and Dance, the Bryant Ballet, and the School of Ballet Chicago, where she became one of the original members of the Ballet Chicago Studio Company, performing works by Artistic Director Daniel Duell and choreographer George Balanchine. She also trained, in her youth, at the Hyde Park School of Ballet, now our very own Hyde Park School of Dance. In 2002, Ratliff was invited to study with Suzanne Farrell at the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. Ratliff has also trained and toured with the Dance Theater of Harlem. She is currently a principal performer with AER Dance Theater

In addition to all of her accomplishments as a dancer, Dr. Gayle Ratliff is a renowned astrophysicist. Working as a postdoctoral research fellow conducting high energy astrophysics research through a collaboration between the Adler Planetarium and the Illinois Institute of Technology, Ratliff is interested in understanding diffuse gamma-ray emission from galaxies, such as the starburst galaxy M82, and working on analysis techniques for the detection of weak gamma-ray sources with VERITAS.  In 2013 she served as the Adler Public Education Fellow through her work with the Astro-Science Workshop.

Ms. Ratliff is a senior ballet instructor with Hyde Park School of Dance.