Frequently Asked Questions for Winter/Spring Session 2020

Given the unusual circumstances of this winter/spring session, we're sure your family has numerous questions concerning our virtual class system, tuition payments, and the Summer 2020 sessions and workshops. Here's where we hope to provide you with some quick answers! If you don't see your question below, you can reach out to

Keep in mind, this page will be updated periodically to reflect the most current info we receive about state and local Stay-In-Place Orders and CDC recommendations for physical distancing.

Virtual Classes

How do I connect to virtual classes?

  • The virtual class schedule and instructions for connecting are on a password protected page on our website: "Winter/Spring 2020 Virtual Classes."
  • Current winter/spring families received the password to this page through an email notification. If you need the password resent to you, please email
  • Out of respect for our teachers and the safety of our students, we ask that you not share the webpage password or Zoom class login info with students or families who do not currently attend HPSD
  • If you are having trouble connecting to Zoom classes, please email for assistance

My student's class isn't on the schedule or their regular teacher isn't teaching their dance level, what class(es) can my dancer take?

  • Your dancer is welcome to take any class in their same dance level or in a lower level. Our ballet and modern teachers work from the same syllabus so your student will be learning just about the same material, regardless of who is teaching or when.

Is there a limit as to how many classes my dancer can take per week?

  • We understand that everyone has limited mobility right now and it can be difficult to find things to keep your child occupied while they're cooped up inside, so regardless of how many classes your student is enrolled in, they may take as many classes as they want per week.

Do virtual classes factor into level recommendations for the Fall 2020 session?

  • Virtual classes will NOT factor into level determinations for dancers in Ballet/Modern/Breaking/Jazz I and up. You will still receive your level recommendations for Fall 2020 in July.
  • All pre-ballet students who registered with us for Fall 2019 and Winter/Spring 2020 should remain in the same level for Summer 2020 but will move up the next level for Fall 2020.
  • Pre-ballet students who started classes with us in Winter/Spring 2020 should remain in the same level for Summer 2020. These student's level advancement for Fall 2020 will be determined by the child's age and progress during the summer sessions.
  • If you have specific questions regarding level recommendation, please contact

I have some feedback/questions/recommendations about the virtual classes themselves, who should I get in touch with?

  • Offering dance classes that students can take in their homes, through an online system, is a strange new experiment for all of us. As such, we would love to hear your feedback about how we can improve the experience. Get in touch with the or

I'm an adult student who usually takes drop-in classes, and sometimes I pay with a class card. How should I pay for virtual classes?

  • We know our adult students need some stress relief through physical movement just as much as our youth dancers and we have some offerings that are geared specifically towards adult dancers! If your circumstances allow, we are asking out adult students to make a pay-what-you-can donation when they attend our virtual classes. You can make that donation here or through our online registration portal, Classbug (scroll down to "Other Offerings" to put a donation in your cart).
  • Keep in mind, your 8-class card never expires, so hold on to it to use when we have in-studio classes again!

Will my family be allowed to take virtual classes if we are behind on tuition payments or ask for a store credit or refund?

  • For many of our students, teachers, and even entire families in our community, dance class means exercise, maintaining good mental health, expressing ourselves creatively, and having a community of like minded people to connect with. In times as stressful and distancing as these, now is not the time to limit the healing and connecting power of dance. Regardless of tuition status, all of our Winter/Spring 2020 enrolled students may attend virtual classes. This is something HPSD can do right now to get us through these difficult times. If it is feasible for your family to do so, we hope that you will continue to support us for the rest of the session by keeping your tuition on file or converting it to a donation (please see "Financial Information" for more details). We cherish our HPSD community and we're not trying to go anywhere anytime soon. We are so grateful for any support your family can give.

Financial Information

Since HPSD has transitioned to virtual classes, do I owe or have to pay the same tuition I paid for in-studio classes?

  • We realize virtual classes are an imperfect solution to extraordinary circumstances, but we are committed to paying our faculty and staff for the remainder of our scheduled winter/spring session. And now more than ever, we believe connecting our students and teachers through dance, even if it's only through a screen, is valuable for maintaining some sense of normalcy in uncertain times. That being said we are prepared to do the following:
  1. Keep your winter/spring tuition on file as is,
  2. Convert your tuition from March 14th on to a tax exempt donation,
  3. Convert your tuition from March 14th on to a school credit for future tuition or performance tickets,
  4. Refund tuition for classes missed since our studios closed,
  5. A combination of the above options.

What is the deadline for receiving a tuition refund, school credit, or converting my tuition to a donation?

  • If you would like us to take any of the above actions, or apply a combination of them to your dancer's winter/spring tuition, you must email no later than Friday, April 24, 2020.

Will the 4th tuition installment automatic payment due on 4/11 still be charged?

Does it make a difference to the school financially if we keep our tuition on file as is or convert it to a donation?

  • Financially, it makes no difference to us, either way we appreciate your support! But if you think a donation conversion would benefit your family, we are happy to do that for you.

Since Amira is not moving forward as planned, can I get my performance workshop fee refunded or converted to a credit?

  • Our performance workshop fees support a variety of activities concerning our productions, chief among these is paying our teachers to run rehearsals and set choreography. In light of this, we are unable to refund or provide a credit for Amira workshop fees. We can convert your paid workshop fee into a tax deductible donation. Please email to convert the fee to a donation or explain extenuating circumstances that necessitate receiving a refund. 

Summer Classes

Are summer classes still happening?

  • As of April 13th, Summer Sessions 1 & 2 and the summer workshops will go forward as planned. In light of uncertainties surrounding the pandemic, HPSD intends to follow CDC recommendations for physical distancing as they are revised over the next several months. As such, we will continue to revisit the decision to open for in-studio classes over the summer.
  • Please keep in mind that as more information is made available about how to safely scale back physical distancing measures, class and workshop capacities may also be revised.
  • In the meantime, our standard refunding policy is still in effect for summer classes.

My dancer was offered a merit award for the Summer Intensive but we were told that we had to register before April 1st to use it. Because of the pandemic, is this still the case or do I have more time to use the award?

  • The deadline to register for the Intensive with a merit award has been pushed back to June 1st. Please contact to register using your merit award.
  • These merit awards can only be used if your dancer plans on enrolling in all 4 weeks of the Intensive.
  • Keep in mind, if your family opts for a payment plan to enroll in the Intensive, the last payment must be made no later than June 19th.
  • See above, the summer schedule may be subject to change.