HPSD Company Hub

Welcome to the HPSD Company Hub! Here your directors will post bulletins on important company happenings. You can post messages to one another on the wall. You'll have quick access to your company registration forms, and a calendar of company happenings, and more. This page is here to make things easier. If you have ideas about what other features would be useful on your Company Hub page, we want to hear them!
2014-2015 Company dancers Olivia Issa, Madison Christmas, Jourdan Gasby, and Jania Harris perform "A Minor Battle In Societal Conformity," a humorous original commentary on skinny jeans choreographed by their fellow company member Cat Eng, at the annual Hyde Park Book Fair.

Company Calendar

Company-only rehearsals, performances, and other engagements are listed here. Please don't forget that school-wide dates are always available to you as well at hydeparkdance.org/calendar



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